Direct Deposit

Routing Number: 222 382 205

Automatic Direct Deposit eliminates the need for a special trip to Ever $ Green FCU to make deposits. When you are out of town, the weather is bad, or you are just not feeling well, there is never a need to worry about your paycheck. Once you have set up Automatic Direct Deposit, there are no additional forms or deposit slips to be filled out or any lines to wait in. Your funds will be in your account and ready for use on the morning of the same day that you are paid.

Automatic Direct Deposit of your entire paycheck is available through almost all employers. Payroll Deduction of a portion of your paycheck is available through Rush-Henrietta CSD, Wheatland-Chili CSD and Getinge-Castle. Automatic Direct Deposit of Social Security, New York State Teachers’, New York State Employees’ Retirement Systems and other pension checks as well as dividend checks from many corporations can be arranged.

Once your funds are received, Ever $ Green can automatically distribute these funds to accounts you specify. Direct Deposit is...

  • SAFE. It eliminates the possibility of theft or mysterious disappearance of your check.
  • SENSIBLE. Your money begins earning dividends on the day you are paid.
  • CONVENIENT. No slips to fill out, no lines to stand in, no special trip just to make your deposit.
  • PRIVATE. No one in your neighborhood will notice checks arriving by mail and you can keep your pay envelope sealed until you arrive home from work.
  • WORRY-FREE. There is no check to lose, and no need to worry about remembering or whether you have time to make your deposit.

You, not the credit union, must initiate Direct Deposit or an ACH deposit of your checks. You will be asked to submit a voided check or deposit slip with your request. YOU DO NOT NEED EITHER OF THESE DOCUMENTS! Instead, please use the form we have prepared. This is all you will need to complete your part of Direct Deposit. Please submit this completed form to your payroll office. If you have any problems, please call one of our Member Service Representatives for more information on this valuable service.