Certificate Products


A Share Certificate is a safe, sure way to earn yields which are higher than normal savings account yields. With a minimum certificate purchase of $500.00, anyone can own a Share Certificate. You may select terms ranging from 3 months to 3 years. Once you have a savings account with us, transfers from it to our various certificates are as easy as a phone call. The same is true when a certificate matures. You will receive a notice outlining your options, and you will be able to handle the transaction in any way you like without having to appear in person.

Available Programs

Ever $ Green Federal Credit Union currently offers the following certificate programs:

Certificate Term Minimum to Invest
3 to 6 months $500.00
7 to 11 months $500.00
12 to 23 months $500.00
24 to 36 months $500.00

When choosing any of these certificates, the maturity date is up to you. Just let us know at the time of purchase. Interest is posted monthly to the account of your choice.

A Great Choice

Our high yielding share certificate programs are a great choice for you because...

We offer high yields with shorter maturities.

We continually review and adjust our certificate’s yields and maturities so that our members can purchase high yielding term certificates for shorter periods than most other financial institutions offer. As a result, your money is tied up for a shorter time giving you the opportunity to reinvest sooner. Since financial institutions are constantly changing yields, this feature is particularly important to you. It gives you the ability to switch your funds into higher yielding certificates as higher rates become available. Shorter terms also reduce the possibility that you will have to cash in your certificate prematurely and take the mandatory 90 to 180 day penalty for an early withdrawal. Finally, shorter maturities let you plan your term certificate investments to meet clearly foreseen future expenditures.

We offer personal service on our certificates.

At least 10 days before your certificate matures, we will notify you of your options by mail. Whatever your decision is, it can be handled by phone or by mail. There is no need to appear personally in our office or to fill out additional confusing forms. Of course, if you have questions, you need only call us at 585-334-2710.