Checking Accounts


Our Checking account is available to all members 18 years of age or older. There are No maintenance charges associated with this account. Transfers to or from your share draft account can be made by telephone, M.A.T.T., in person or on the Internet and there is no charge made for these transfers.

  • There is no minimum balance requirement.
  • Pay no monthly fee or per check charges.


Deposits can be made in person, by ATM, by mail and through Direct Deposit. Your deposited funds will be available to you the same day they are deposited. There are a few instances where a hold may be placed, however you will be notified upon deposit.


Withdrawals can be made by a number of ways. You may write checks on your account for any purpose. You can come into the office anytime we’re open and pick up an Official Check. They can be made out to a party of your choice.

Cash Withdrawals

Cash withdrawals can be made at an ATM. A Visa Check Card will be provided to you at no cost. You have access to your account from thousands of ATM locations. You can also use our VISA Check card as a debit card for point of sale purchases. Cash withdrawals can also be made at the office. We do keep a limited amount of cash on site, so we ask that you call ahead for larger withdrawals to ensure availability.


Statements are mailed monthly and checks are not returned. A photo copy of a cleared check can be provided for a nominal fee.

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft protection comes in two convenient methods. An Overdraft Line of Credit can be applied for at the time you open your checking account. Transfers from your savings account are also allowed. The advantage of using the overdraft protection vs share transfer is that a transfer from overdraft line of credit is free. There is a fee of $3.00 for transfers from a savings account.

Direct Deposits

Direct Deposit is the easiest and safest way to have your paycheck, retirement check, or Social Security check deposited to your account. If you use direct deposit, your money will be available the same day you are paid.


The following are the fees associated with this account, if used:

  • Electronic copy of check: $5.00
  • NSF draft share transfer: $3.00
  • NSF returned check fee: $30.00
  • NSF check force posted (negative balance): $30.00
  • Stop payment on check: $20.00
  • Check printing: this item varies with the style of check you choose.