Savings Products

Primary Share Account

A “Share” account is called this because as a member of the credit union you are a shareholder. This will be your primary savings account. It is an interest bearing account and is available to all members regardless of age. There are no maintenance charges or maintenance fees associated with this account.


Deposits can be made by mail, through Direct Deposit, night deposit box, by ATM or in person. When making your deposits by mail, simply make your check payable to the account owner and restrictively endorse it “for deposit only” followed by the account number, thus assuring that no one else can cash it. We credit the deposit to your account the same day it is received.

Withdrawals by Official Check

A withdrawal by official check can be made either in person or by mail. You can come into the office anytime we are open and pick up a check or you may simply call us, specify the amount you want, and your check will be ready for pick up or can be mailed to your home the same day. Official Checks can be made out to a party of your choice. You may also use CU-Connect or M.A.T.T. (member automated telephone teller), to order a withdrawal check to be mailed to your home address the next business day.

Cash Withdrawals

Cash withdrawals can be made at an ATM. An ATM card will be provided at no cost to you. You have access to your account from thousands of ATM locations. You can also use our VISA Check card for cash as well as point of sale purchases. Cash withdrawals can be made at the office as well. We do keep a limited amount of cash on site, so we ask that you call ahead for larger withdrawals to ensure availability.

Multiple Savings Accounts

You can create unique or multiple savings account for any purpose or budget. Please check with the staff to see what accounts we can set up for you.


Dividends are paid on Average Daily Balance basis. Average Daily Balance means that you will receive full interest at the end of the dividend period, therefore, you lose no interest on funds left on deposit for short periods of time. However, you must maintain a $5.00 minimum balance in your account. Dividends are compounded quarterly and paid on the last day of the quarter.


Statements are mailed quarterly and are accompanied by our Money Bags newsletter. Money Bags is full of information and news you can use. We can link any accounts you choose to be joined on a combined statement. Statements can be mailed to you or you can retrieve an electronic statement from iBanking.

Saving Safety

The Ever $ Green Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered credit union. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the United States Government, supervises it. Important safety factors include the following:

  1. The first $250,000 in each member’s account is federally insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, a federal agency.
  2. NCUA examiners conduct a periodic examination of the credit union.
  3. Ever $ Green FCU contracts with an outside auditor, Phil Bleier CPA, for an annual Supervisory Committee audit.
  4. The Supervisory Committee performs quarterly audits in order to verify our financial position and soundness of our overall operations.
  5. The NCUA requires that substantial funds be held in reserve to cover all possible losses.
  6. Ever $ Green FCU carries a blanket bond which protects against all insurable risks.